Why Wedding Should Be A Shared Responsibility

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A big extravagant wedding accustomed with a bash of events having a fusion of Indian and western culture has become a trend nowadays. Whilst this big fat wedding does bring happiness and charm in the conducted events, the bride’s family is left indebted under the burden of expenses. We all do love the festivity, food and anything new in the weddings but leaving some burdened with limitless expenses and following such traditions is actually a bane for the society. Living in the century where we talk of equality and adapting good out of western culture, it is high time we take this issue on the next level and make weddings a shared responsibility.

We believe in equality

Husband equals his wife

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With women empowering men in many fields, society has finally rendered into believing in the equality. And being an equalist myself, I would want my partner to believe in the same and share every responsibility equally. Perhaps, there is no written rule that bride’s family has to spend the lot to give away their daughters.

We run a family together

Familiy-With-Grandparents-If you consider that it is the groom who is to take care of the bride for lifetime and hence bride’s family should take care of the expenses, you are in bad need to know the meaning of wedding. Wedding is a bond that brings happiness to the souls and gives you a shoulder to shed all your worries and sorrows for life. So, if you are going to look out for her financially or any other way she is going to be there managing your household, taking care of your children and your parents and even earning if needed.

If your family is hers after wedding, hers too should be yours

Girl with her parents and husband.

Just as your parents are important and should be taken care of, So are her’s. They also need the same level of respect and care. Image Source

Well, if you expect her to accept your family with all her heart, you too should do the same with all your heart. And as you wouldn’t let your family to spend more than their limits, you truly should consider her family’s burdens and share the responsibility of conducting marriage together.

No one wants to spend their hard earned money on some extravagant wedding

Indian Rupee

Its your hard earned money, You don’t have to waste it on a feast which people are gonna crib about later

Being in 20s or 30s and earning money doing quite a bit of hard work, we wouldn’t want to spend the money on a wedding. If the groom has such a perception, so can the bride. He must understand her and plan wedding with lower budget and pool in to reduce the burden off the parents of her partner for life.

To make the wedding a better success

Sharing wedding expenses

Sharing overall function expenses not only increases the total budget it also reduces the pressure of both sides.

If both the sides agree to share the expenses and responsibilities in conducting the wedding and other events together, the wedding can become twice successful and more enjoyable for the families as well as the bride and the groom. You can also plan about a smaller wedding and do every little tradition you have dreamed of, making your most important day memorable and cheerful.

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