Wedding ring ideas for the Groom

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Budget, Groom, Jewellery & Accessories |

In today’s times the groom is as fashion conscious as the bride. The wedding ring is a symbol of the beautiful union of groom and the bride. Below are wedding ring ideas for the groom to be


The Traditional Gold Band

Plain Gold Wedding band

The traditional plain gold bands are evergreen and can never go out of style.

This ring is for the groom who is traditional at heart. A simple gold band reflects simplicity and royalty.


The Diamond Gold Ring

Diamond Ring for Grooms

For the men who can handle the bling. Image Source

This ring is for the man who loves a little bling in his life. A gold ring with an option of 4 to 9 small  diamonds gives just the right amount of shine.


The Simple Platinum Ring

Plain Platinum RIng

A groom who isn’t fond of gold yet loves simplicity should definitely go for a platinum ring. Very simple, chic and stylish it will definitely add to his personality.


The Black Platinum Ring

The classy black

The classy black

This ring is for the groom who is an extrovert. His personality is outgoing and he loves being different than anyone else. One needs immense self confidence to break away from the traditions and opt for this style of wedding ring.


The Romantic Engraved Ring

Ring engraved with I love you

Have your feelings engraved on to your rings

This ring is for the die hard romantic groom who would want to engrave his brides name on his ring or the wedding date . Very soft, subtle and hopelessly romantic . This ring will definitely give brownie points to the groom from his bride.


The Tattoo Ring

Image Source

Image Source

Last but not the least for all the grooms who are not comfortable to wear a ring. The latest trend is to get the ring with the name of your bride tattooed on your ring finger. A very romantic idea and definitely a trend setter . This will be with you forever without the stress of ever losing your ring.