Wedding & Engagement ring ideas for the bride

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Bridal, Budget, Jewellery |

The Solitaire

Woman wearing a solitaire diamond ring

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For every girl who believes that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” this is the kind of ring you want.  Depending on the budget, the size of the carat can be chosen. Thus every bride can totally rock a solitaire.


The Princess cut

Woman Wearing a princess cut diamond ring

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There are girls out there who have been planning their wedding since the first time they heard a fairy tale. For the girl who is smitten by her knight in shining armor, she should definitely opt for the princess cut style of diamond ring.


The Heart

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney EngagementThis ring symbolizes romance to the core. It is unique, it is amazing and it totally catches the eye. Lady Gaga has been sporting this style of ring as well.


The Colored Style

Kate Middleton Engagement ringFor those girls who want to go for something different and not follow the band wagon. The colored precious stones are the options to opt for. Whether it is an emerald ring, ruby ring or a sapphire ring like Princess Kate .These colored engagement rings are totally stunning and different than the rest.


The Pear cut

Pear Cut gold ring Sporting a huge round rock all the time can get monotonous for some. Hence , the solution is to opt for the pear cut diamond ring. This style is extremely rare and it is meant for those brides who are different than the others.  This style accentuates the finger, making it look extremely slender and thus doing the ring total justice.


The Baguette

Baguette ring in solitaire setting

Baguette ring in solitaire setting

Unlike the other diamond rings which are clear and give a bright sparkle. The Baguette style of ring is thick and has a very rustic feel to it. These kinds of rings are the most upcoming and right from Angelina Jolie to Amal Clooney have been sporting this different style.


There is a certain style of diamond ring made for every girl. It all depends on her personality and nature what she chooses. It is very important to follow your heart as this is one ring that is going to be with you for the rest of your life. Girls start hinting your favorite pick of ring to your boyfriends to help them out