The Top Bridal Manicure Styles

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Bridal, Makeup |

The hands of the bride play a very important role. Whether it is performing the wedding rituals during a Hindu wedding ceremony or holding the flower bouquet in a Christian wedding, the bride’s hand is always going to be photographed and thus it is extremely necessary to have a beautiful manicure for the nails. Here are the top styles of manicures that a bride can choose from.


1) The Traditional French Manicure

 French manicured Nails

For the very simplistic bride, who is not fond of bold colors but just likes to keep it simple. The French manicure is pure sophistication and elegance. If the bride wants to flaunt her gorgeous engagement and wedding ring, then this manicure is perfect as it will compliment the ring very beautifully without taking away its attention.


2) The Classic Round

 Round manicured Nails

This style is eternal and will never ever become old fashioned. The classic round nail style manicure complements every single bridal outfit and can carry off any nail paint color. It is one of those styles that is preferred by many brides all over the world. The classic round style looks beautiful with either long or short nails.


3) The Stunning Square

 Square Manicured Nails

Now this is a tricky style. The square shaped nail manicure needs utmost care and attention. They are the easiest to break from the side and thus can ruin the entire look. For this style of manicure, the bride has to get her nails filed very regularly in order to maintain this stunning shape. This style definitely gives a fierce yet beautiful look.


4) The Bejeweled Style

 Nails with jewellery

This is a style for the ultra glamorous bride. The bejeweled style shines, glitters and totally makes a statement. With this style, the bride has an option to match the jewels on her nails with her outfit color or even her Jewellery. For the glitzy glam doll this is definitely the style to flaunt.


This wedding season definitely flaunt these stunning manicure styles for the perfect bridal look. If the bride is having a tough time to choose her favorite manicure, then definitely have a manicurist at the stand by and opt for a different style for every function.