Top 4 Tips to keep in mind while choosing your perfect Bridal Outfit

by | Sep 13, 2015 | Bridal, Outfits |

Every girl dreams of her wedding since the very first time she listens to a Fairytale. She pictures herself dressed up in the most perfect attire standing beside her prince charming. Here are top 4 tips to keep in mind while choosing your perfect bridal outfit.


1) Start in advance by browsing through different styles

 Browsing for wedding dress 

Buying the bridal outfit is not a one day event. The Bride-to-be has to start well in advance. Usually girls begin preparing at least 6-8 months in advance. The very first step is to start browsing through different styles, to know what kind of style is best suited. Some girls prefer the lehenga, while some prefer the saree. In the lehenga and the saree also there are heaps of different styles and kinds of intricate work.

 Check out these Sangeet looks taken from Lakme Fashion Week

2) Visit exhibitions

Bridal Exhibitions

Keep a close watch on all the wedding exhibitions happening around. You might just find your dream dress there.


An exhibition is the best place to find everything under one roof. Nowadays there are a minimum of 40-50 designers per exhibition. It is extremely helpful to visit the designer stalls and personally see and touch the outfits to get a feel of them. Visiting an exhibition will give the bride-to-be a clear idea as to what style she may like to choose for her bridal outfit.


3) Choose the color according to skin tone

Image Source: Charmic Creations

Image Source: Charmic Creations


Every bride wishes to look beautiful and glowing on her wedding day. The most important step is to choose an outfit according to their skin tone. Usually reds and pinks are the most common choices. But there are a number of variations in these colors. For Example – a bride with pale fair skin tone will be able to carry off a bride pink or red, while a bride with a dusky skin tone can opt for more earthy rich tone of deep pinks and reds. The wedding outfit is all about complimenting the skin tone. An outfit in contrast to the skin tone will not look good on the bride or even in the wedding photographs.


4) Do not follow the herd, be comfortable

Don't follow the Herd

Everybody is Different! Every outfit looks different on every person.


There are brides who feel that the heavier the outfit, the prettier and richer it looks. This is a major misconception, and one should not follow the herd. If the bride is of a petite frame and she wears a very heavy outfit, she will be unable to walk. Thus, she cannot enjoy her own wedding and will be very uncomfortable. If the bride believes in simplicity and light work, then she should choose that. Whereas, If she is able to carry off a 20kg outfit, then she should choose that. The wedding outfit is all about your personality, comfort and personal style. The more comfortable a bride is, the more confident she will feel.


So, Girls always remember these top 4 tips while choosing your wedding outfit and you will never have any regrets.