Top 4 Indian wear styles for men

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Groom, Outfits |

There are certain functions, where a guy just cannot get away with the basic formal shirt and trousers and he has to wear an Indian attire. Here are the top 4 indian wear styles for men that they can opt for.


1) The Brocade kurta style

Brocade Kurta 

Brocade is a form of Persian silk material. It is known for its richness and expensive feel to it. It is extremely intricate and thus gives a very traditional look. The advantage of the  Brocade is that it looks beautiful on almost all kinds of colors, whether dark or light. The young man of today can choose a lighter shade for a day function or a darker shade for a night time function.


2) The Mao suit

Mao Suit

Mao Suit


The Mao suit is the Chinese style version of the Indian Nehru style outfit. This suit will definitely stand out and be a style statement at any function. The Mao suit has a very unique collar and is more boxy in its appearance. For all the guys looking for a change from the traditional Nehru style, should definitely choose this.


3) The Pathani suit

Pathani Suit

For a relaxed, fun, day function the Pathani suit is the best choice. It is extremely light and airy and more on the casual style. If you are looking for an outfit for a day time Mehndi function, then this is the best bet.


4) Bandhgala Jodhpuris

Jodhpuri Bandgala

From the royal families to the most famous celebrities, every guy has flaunted the Bandhgala Jodhpuris. They are extremely stylish and unique. The fit gives a  very bold look and the different style of jodhpur pants definitely make a style statement. For the young vibrant guy who wants to look different than the others, this is what you must have in your wardrobe.

Look different this wedding season. Opt for one of these styles to make a grand entrance wherever you go.