The top 5 different Bridal Mehendi (Henna) Styles and Designs

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Mehendi holds deep cultural significance. It is an important part of every wedding, infact one entire ceremony like Mehendi or Mehendi ki raat is dedicated to the Henna ceremony. Every bride wishes to apply a design that suits her personality the best. Below are the top 5 henna styles a bride can choose.


1) Intricate Traditional Style

 Intricate bridal mehendi designs

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The intricate traditional style is just like its name. It is extremely intricate with detailed work. It usually tells a story in its design. Some brides prefer the Radha Krishna story while some prefer the entire wedding scene story which includes the bride, groom, the doli etc

2) The Arabic Style

Arabic Mehendi Designs 

Brides from every culture apply Mehendi. It is not restricted only to Hindu or Sikh brides. There is a very high level of Arabic influence in various Henna design styles. Some brides prefer this style as it looks extremely modern yet elegant.

3) The Simplistic Style

 Simplistic mehendi designs

Henna has a very unique fragrance. While some brides love the smell, there are also others who simply cannot stand its fragrance. For such brides it becomes extremely difficult to follow traditions as well as follow their own personal choice. For such brides, the best option is to opt for a very basic simple design so that the design doesn’t take time to apply, as well as there is no strong fragrance.

4) Ultra Modern Tattoo Style

Ultra modern Mehendi Designs 

For those brides that want to make a style statement and completely be different, than this is the perfect style. The ultra modern tattoo style is extremely stunning and different. If the bride wants all the attention on her bridal outfit and jewellery than this is definitely what she should opt.

5)  Black Henna Style

Black Mehendi

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The Black mehendi is temporary tattoo style henna which lasts only for some time. It gives a jet black color and not the usual maroon or orange like the other normal mehendi. This is preferred by those brides that want a black color look and want something temporary. But one has to be very careful to use only high quality of black henna and not compromise on the quality.

A bride has a vast variety of Bridal Mehendi styles to choose from. She should choose a style which suits her most and that which makes her feel very special.