The Top 4 Bridal Maang Tikka’s

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Bridal, Makeup |

The Maang tikka is a very essential ornament for every bride. It completes the entire bridal look and makes the bride feel special and beautiful. Nowadays with the latest trends and changing times, the styles of the Maang Tikka’s have also changed. Here are the top 4 Maang Tikka’s for the brides to be.


1) The Single Line Maang tikka


Maang Tikka Single

Image Source

This is a simple Maang tikka for the simple bride. If the bride wants more emphasis on her makeup and is not very found of too much jewellery then she should opt for this Maang tikka.


2) The Triple Line Maang tikka


Prem ratan dhan payo trailer

All three women in this still from Prem Ratan Dhan payo movie are wearing The Triple Line Maang Tikka

This is the type of ornament that is preferred by most of the traditional Indian brides. The triple line Maang tikka covers the entire head and makes the bride feel like a princess.

3) The Mughal Paasa


Bride with a Side passa

Image Source – Harmeet Photography

Earlier the Paasa was only used by Muslim brides but nowadays many Hindu, Sikh and other Indian brides use the Paasa along with the Maang tikka adding an extra glam to their look.


4) The Bohemian Chic Bride

 Geeta basra Mehendi function

This is the latest head accessory that many Indian brides are now flaunting. This Maang tikka has a very cool casual look to it. It is perfect for a relaxed Mehndi and Sangeet function , where the vibe is casual yet modern.


So all you brides to be, go ahead and choose from one of these amazing Maang tikka styles and make a statement at your wedding !!