Must have List for Outdoor weddings

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Water proof makeup

Indian Bridal Makeup

Make sure you tell your makeup artist to use all waterproof products.

Use of water proof makeup by the bride is very important, Even if it is a winter wedding. Focus lights of photographers and the constant hugging of friends and relatives is going to make you feel hot and eventually sweat a little. In order to avoid ruining your make up always opt for water proof makeup


Footwear warning

Heel Covers

If you want you can also offer Heel Covers to the ladies.

Warn your guests especially ladies about the venue flooring. In case its going to be grassy or soft mud, inform them to not to wear Pencil heels and Stilettos. Their heels might sink into the grass and make them lose their balance. You can also offer the women with heel covers which help in walking on any surface with comfort.


Make Sure to have ample shade arrangement

Parasol Bucket

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If it is going to be a day wedding and you know it will be sunny, make sure you get lots of canopies installed. Else make arrangements for coloured Parasols / Umbrellas. They will not only provide much needed shade, but can also be used as props by guests for their pictures.

You can also have colourful sunglasses as wedding favors for everyone. Another prop!


Offer Sunglasses for the guests if it is a day wedding. Image Source


Lots of hydrating drinks

Wedding Drinks

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Install lots of stalls serving cool drinks to keep the guests hydrated. Most of the times, especially in Punjabi weddings that are held in huge lawns water is usually kept in one corner of the venue. Have Small drink trolleys all around the venue.


Mosquito Repellent

Insect repellant

If you are planning an evening or a night wedding, offer your guests small packs of insect repellant creams. Don’t let the insects ruin the experience of your guests.


Arrange for pairs of flip flops for the hardcore dancers

Wedding Flip Flops

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No wedding is complete till someone falls on the dance floor. Most of the times its followed by a gentle laugh but sometimes it can lead to serious injuries. Avoid that by keeping a bucket full of flip flops right next to the dance floor.


Blankets or bonfires for winter weddings

Bonfire and Blankets at Wedding

An absolute necessity in case of Hindu weddings where the feras might go on till late in the morning. Although most guests usually don’t stay for that but you need to take special care of those few close loved ones who do stay. Arrange for light blankets for guests and also make arrangements to have bonfires all around the venue.