Hairstyles for the To-Be Bride for her Rokka ceremony

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The Rokka is the very first pre wedding celebration that begins with festivities . It is a function where the families get together to plan the future union of the bride and groom. It is an engagement of sorts where the families make it official and the wedding details are fixed.
Straight hair with slight puff
Bride with straight hair and light puff

Images Source: Randery Imagery

There are girls who love simplicity. For the girls who want to opt for a heavy outfit like an anarkali or a long indian gown then this would be the perfect hairstyle. A simple hairstyle like this will draw focus on the makeup and the outfit and will keep the natural beauty of the to be bride intact.

Soft Romantic Curls
Woman on her engagement with soft curls


This hairstyle gives a lot of bounce and volume to the hair. The girls who have slightly thin hair should definitely opt for this hairstyle as it will not only make the hair look bouncy and thick but will also add shine to it.
The Messy Bun
Messy Bun


This is one of the most chic hairstyles that is being seen on to be brides nowadays. It has an old hollywood glamour to it and it goes well with indian as well as western looks. During the rokka ceremony the to be bride has to take the dupatta over the head and this is the perfect hairstyle for that. As there is no tension about the hair getting messy or out of place.
The Braided Plaits


For all the girls who would love to be princesses from fairy Tales, this hairstyle is meant for you. A braided plait has a beautiful simplistic look and can match any outfit. There is also the additional  option  of  adorning the plait with beautiful flowers or hair accessories. There are various kinds of plaits that can be choses. Few options are the French plait, the messy Fishtail plait,  the simple elegant plait etc.
There are various hairstyles that a to be bride can opt for. But the rokka function is  more casual than the others, thus going for something simple yet elegant will always make the to be bride stand out in the crowd.