Fun ways to spend quality time with your To-Be Mom-in-law

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There are a lot of pre-conceived notions regarding the relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. Whether it is in a film  , or else the common topic at a Kitty party , or at a gym. Women are always complaining either about their MIL’s or their DIL’s. However it is very important to have a great relationship with your Mom-In -law if you want a great peaceful relationship in the family. She is someone who is going to be part of your life forever, after all you are getting married to the most important person in her life. Here are some fun ways to get to know each other and spend quality time together.


Spa Day

Mother In law and Daughter in Law should go for spa together

There is nothing more relaxing than getting pampered. Women have to deal with a lot of things on a daily basis. From managing the house, to the family and even the career.  An outing at the spa is the perfect place to relax and unwind yourself.  A nice massage not only relaxes the body but also nourishes the skin. It is an amazing way to pamper yourself and your to be mom-in-law.


Getting your nails done

Woman receiving a manicure in a nail salon

This is a fun way to spend time with your to be mom -in-law. You can relax and get a nice manicure done. It is very important to look after yourself and this also includes the nails. Tell your to be mom-in-law about the latest nail trends. Help her decided whether she wants to try the gel nail paint or else the traditional French manicure. Go crazy with some funky nail colors and nail art designs and watch her become a young girl again.


Lunch followed by a Movie 

Women having Lunch in a restaurant

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Ask her about her favorite cuisine or restaurant and surprise her by taking her out for lunch. Spending time at lunch gives the opportunity to get to know the other person. Whether you are having a love marriage or an arranged marriage, it is always important to know and understand your to be mom-in -law. She was taking care and looking after the family and now it is going to be your responsibility. The more time one spends, the closer will be the relationship.


Shopping together

Mother in law and Daughter In Law Shopping together.

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In almost all the weddings, the to be bride is showered with gifts such as clothes and jewellery. Sometimes she is asked about her choice but most of the times it is chosen for her. In either of the situation, letting your choice known to your to be mom-in-law is extremely important. The best way to do that is by shopping together. This way, you both can understand each others choices and thus can help one another out.


Join a Hobby- class together

Women Doing yoga

Joining a yoga class will bring you closer while you stay fit.

A unique way to spend time is by joining a hobby class together. Whether it is a yoga class, or a zumba class, painting class or even a cooking class. It is a lot of fun when the to be bride as well as the to be mom-in-law learn something together which is new to both of them . It is fun, it is different and it is the best way to spend time together.


A relationship takes time to build and it required efforts from both the sides. The relationship between a Mother-in-law and a Daughter-in-law can be exactly like the relationship between a Mother and a daughter but only if they both want it to be like that. It requires love, care,trust and a lot of patience and adjustment.