Fun Ideas for Long Weekend Getaways

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Bridal, Budget, Groom, Travel |

You are having happy time in your life but that romance spice is seemingly getting dull. Be that newlywed or newly engaged at one point or another work load and the monotonous routine leave you with no energy to share yourself with your partner. Perhaps, it is time you forget your hectic schedule for a while and escape or rather sneak out to another world where you can revive that love and relive all the moments you want with your beloved. After all, weekend is a perfect way to throw the stresses of a long week behind and enjoy to your most with the ones that truly matter.

Go for water sport adventure

rishikesh water rafting

Go for river rafting or kayaking in rishikesh if you’re in the north.

Be that river crossing or river rafting, experiencing these with your partner will make you enjoy to the most and help make some beautiful memories.

Rent a hut

hut in the mountains

Renting a hut in the mountains or a secluded place will give you the much needed alone time

Have you ever lived in a small little hut with a little stove and happiness in your heart? Well, you must experience this. Go on to a beautiful peaceful hill station and rent a hut and live calm serene life for the weekend where you can enjoy cooking and having fun with your loved one.

Beach camping

camping on the beach

An amazing way to enjoy the company of your loved one

We get to think of life as some inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens for a small number of times. How many times have you watched full moon rise? Perhaps ten or twenty. But the soulful peace it provides every time is eternal. Do more to know what true happiness tastes like when you experience nature at the beach with your soul partner.

Enjoy fancy resort in your city

Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi

Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi

Don’t feel like travelling away? Become a tourist in own city and enjoy some fancy 3-5 star resort with your beloved. You can roam about to your favorite places and relish interesting cuisines. Shop for your favourite stuff and spend life king size for a weekend.

Ride to nowhere

long peaceful drive

Be it your bike or your car, going for a long peaceful drive with your loved one is always romantic

A calm peaceful long ride, with your favorite music playing, on a late afternoon is “The End” to all the negativity you are going through the week. It will energise your willpower and help you relax and look at life more passionately and with love.

Walk along a beach

couple on the beach

Walk on the beach, hand in hand

Barefooted you walk on semi-wet sands with cool zephyr blowing, hand in hand with your partner is almighty blessing you with serenity for life. New introspective towards life!

Live in a House Boat

House boat

Be it the backwaters of Kerala or the Dal Lak of Kashmir, houseboats are by nature very romantic.

In the beautiful Dal Lake, experience heavens living in a Shikara for a weekend. It will truly be aesthetic and relieve you all the worries and tensions of the week and give new meaning to your relationship.