Floral Jewellery for the Bride to Be for her Mehendi Function

by | Oct 31, 2015 | Bridal, Makeup |

The Floral Jewellery has been in style from the very beginning of history. From the Indian Goddesses to Lord Krishna’s Mira, every one was adorned in flowers which looked like Jewellery on them. This trend is now commonly seen by most Indian girls for their Mehndi function. Check out these beautiful floral Jewellery styles and get ready to get inspired.


1) The Floral Tiara

 Girl wearing a crown of Flowers

This is a very cool style that can be flaunted by brides who want to look cool at their mehndi function. It is simple , chic and very modern. The best part is that it will complement every kind of outfit, from the traditional indian lehenga to an Indo- Western Skirt and blouse.


2) The Traditional Floral Jewellery


This is for the perfect traditional Indian bride. It is very ethnic and sober in style. This is the most preferred style for brides who are having a very traditional mehndi function with all the rituals and ceremonies.


3) The Statement piece


This is for the modern and ultra glamorous  bride. This type of floral jewellery includes one statement piece that is extremely eye catching. The bride who wants to have fun and enjoy the mehndi function with her brides maid while dancing and having a good time should opt for this type of floral jewellery. Usually the bride chooses one statement floral Maang tikka to be the centre of attention.


4) The Stunning Flower Earings

 For the bride who believes in being non traditional should opt for some funky floral jewellery earings. They are ultra modern and chic and will definitely give the bridal feel without being traditional.


Flaunt these beautiful styles and look like a princess on your Mehendi function.