Fighting with your partner? Follow these steps to save your relationship

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Whether it is the period of courtship between two lovers, or the relationship between a husband and a wife. Fights are an integral part of every relationship. Arguing, ego clashes, hurting each other , one thing leads to another and if it is not controlled then it can even lead to breaking the relationship. To avoid getting to the point of divorce or breaking up with your partner, follow these steps to save the relationship

Don’t raise your voice’s volume

Couple shouting and screaming at each other in a fight

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The maximum amounts of fights happen, when both partners lose their cool and raise their volumes. When the tone of the voice gets high, this immediately leads the situation to get worse. If the same thing can be explained in a normal tone of voice, then there are more chances of resolving the fight.

Avoid saying hurtful things

Never say hurtful things

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It is very common that if a person is feeling hurt and angry then they want to hurt the person who made them feel like this, the very same way. At that moment, it gets very difficult to control oneself. But if one wants to save their relationship, then self control is very very important. Do not say hurtful things to your partner or else it can lead to more problems in the relationship.

Settle  problems yourself, do not go to friends or family for every tiny thing

Involving mediators to resolve your issues

Never involve friends or family members to resolve your problems for you. Image Source

More than half the problems can be solved, if both the partners sit and discuss their issues. Running away to each others best friends or parents will only make matters worse. Sometimes problems are not very big,  but involving others gives it more undue attention. Going to a third party should absolutely the last resort, when nothing seems to work

Remember why you both chose to be together

Never Forget the things that made you fall in love with your other halfIt is extremely important to calm yourself down and remember what made you fall in love with your partner.  Start reliving the moments and remembering each others things that you love. If you cannot imagine your life without your partner, then do not let them go away.

Keep the ego aside

Lose your ego

Leave your ego aside when you enter your home. It will become a beautiful place for everyone in it. Image Source

Sometimes it may not be one’s fault, but one may have to apologize just to save the relationship. This does not mean that one partner will always have to bow down while the other is very egoistic. But sometimes just to calm the situation one can apologize, and when the situation is under control then both can sit down  and sort it out.

Sweet gestures

Breakfast in bed

Make Breakfast for her without her knowing and serve it in bed. It will make her day. Image Source

Surprise your partner with sweet gestures. Cook a delicious meal for them or take them out to their favorite restaurant, book surprise movie tickets for them or take them away to a weekend getaway. These small things matter a lot in a relationship. Quality time with your partner, where they get undivided love and care is what makes the relationship very strong.

In today’s times when relationships break every other day, it is very important to not let go off your loved ones due to silly fights. Follow these simple basic steps and watch your love blossom.