Exotic Places In India To Go For Your Honeymoon

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In the lush green gardens, high snow capped mountains, long stretch of desserts or mesmerising blue beaches, India has it all and gives you a great variety to choose your honeymoon holiday vacation places. With the stunning waterfalls and rides along the narrow windy roads make your love eternal and your honeymoon memorable for life.

Udaipur “Experience royalty”

Hotel Oberoi udaipur

Image Source: Hotel Oberoi

With the artistic and historic places adorned by beautiful handicraft industry, Udaipur gives you a much royal welcome to make you enjoy and fall in love with the city. At this “city of lakes”, experience love and warmth growing in your new relationship.

Jaisalmer “Heart of Desserts”

Jaisalmer - A touch of Royalty

A touch of royalty

Let your love nurture and make new heights in the beauty of desserts. Long stretches of sand where you experience the culture and traditions that keeps our country a blissful place.

Agra “Love for all”

Taj Mahal

Whats more romantic than the worldwide symbol of love – Taj Mahal, Agra

It indeed is the city of love where you will get mesmerised by the eternal beauty of Taj and the love will grow like never before. Walking through the picturesque views hand in hand with your better half, you will be captivated in newest form of love that you have never experienced before.

Goa “Lets breathe love”

Goa Beach

If you love summery beachy places then Goa’s for you.

A place where you’d be surrounded by people just like you. Yes, madly and truly in love. Breathtaking blue beaches and resorts giving you utmost comfort. Love will hit you just like the cool zephyr sitting beside the beach.

Darjeeling “Serenity for life”

Darjeeling - Queen of hills

Its known to be the queen of hills and rightfully so.

A place where silences will speak volumes and you will spend time wandering around in beautiful tea gardens. The majestic views you get to see of the foothills of Himalayas will leave you spell bound and give your love a new introspect.

Andaman and Nicobar Or Lakshadweep Islands “Connect with the nature”


Not too crowded, peaceful and white sands.

A place where you are surrounded by water all sides and nature speaks to you in its own ways. Experience heavens in the mesmerising beauty of the awe-inspiring islands of India and make your auspicious bond memorable forever and ever.

Kerala “An oasis for love”

Kerala backwarters and fields

Be it the backwarters or the rice fields, Kerala is truly relaxing

In the city so calm and serene, where you are surrounded with greenery and peace. Witness love growing deep just like the places you explore.

Srinagar “Paradise Indeed”


Also known as heaven on earth

Have you ever had a love stroke for the nature? Well, the remarkable views of Srinagar will make you fall in love all over again and make your new beginnings a happy place.

Mussoorie “Love amidst the hills”



Get wet in love when you visit the gorgeous waterfalls amidst the green hills. A blissful and romantic weather that will keep you in love for a long time.

Patinitop “Let’s make a home together”

Perfect place for a short and a peaceful trip

Perfect place for a short and a peaceful trip

Lush green mountains with little huts that you can rent and start a new life together. A new understanding towards each other and love to grow.

Pahalgam “Love redefined”

PahalgamWith the stunning meadows and love getting enchanted by the cool breeze blowing, your new life is bound to get filled with some fine lovey- dovey moments.