Every guy needs these 5 types of footwear for his Honeymoon

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Groom, Outfits |

Honeymoon is the time when the couple gets to relax and unwind. Couples plan for their honeymoon months in advance and plan activities that they would like to do at that destination. The footwear is extremely important for every guy as it not only keeps one  comfortable but also makes them look stylish. Here are 5 types of footwear every guy needs to carry on his honeymoon.


1) Sandals


Men Leather Sandals

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Every guy needs a sexy pair of black or brown leather sandals on his honeymoon. They are very casual yet extremely stylish. Sandals can be paired with shorts as well as jeans and they look amazing with every outfit. Guys, an important tip- Please DO NOT wear floaters, as they don’t look sexy or smart.


2) Moccasins

 Men Mocassins

A good pair of suede moccasins looks amazing on every guy. If you plan to take your wife clubbing or a romantic evening by the beach, then one should definitely have a pair of moccasins. They look great with jeans, trousers or even shorts.


3) Formal Shoes

 Men Formal Shoes

No Honeymoon is complete without a formal candle lit dinner with your beautiful wife in a dress while you in your formal attire. There is nothing more special than a formal evening with a three course meal with your spouse.


4) Sports Shoes

Men Sports Shoes 

If you have planned an adventurous honeymoon with your loved one then carrying a good pair of sports shoes is a must. Whether it is a hike or just strolling around and exploring new places, it is extremely important to have a strong pair of sports shoes to maintain comfort for your feet.


5) Beach Slippers

Men Beach Slippers 

If you plan to have a romantic beach honeymoon or simply wish to laze around the pool, then a good pair of rubber slippers is a must. They are very easy to clean and wash and thus are free from any maintenance.


Honeymoon is fun but only if one is well prepared. To be well prepared it is very important to carry the right kinds of footwear for every occasion.