Easy home remedies for dark circles

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Bridal, Groom, Makeup |

Dark circles can be caused due to various reasons like stress, lack of sleep or even due to heredity. They make a person look very tired and much older than their age. Treating dark circles is not difficult; it just needs extra care to be given to the skin. Follow these basic home remedies to cute dark circles.


1) Cucumber Slices

 Cucumber Slices

Cut round slices of chilled cucumber and apply them over eye lids. Keep it for 10 minutes and relax with your eyes closed. You will notice that the cold cucumber slices will turn warm by taking away all the heat from the eyes giving you a very fresh feeling. Cucumber has lightening properties and thus is very effective.


2) Tea bags

Tea bags

After using tea bags keep them in the refrigerator till they cool. Once cooled, apply them over the eyes. This helps in taking away all the tiredness from the eyes, giving a refreshing feeling.


3) Rose Water

Rose Water

Dip cotton balls in cool rose water and apply them over eyes. Keep for 10-15 minutes while the rose water does its magic and moisturizes the skin around the eyes.


4) Raw potato juice

 Raw Potatoes

Grate raw potato and keep the juice aside. Dip cotton balls into the juice and apply all over the eyes. The bleaching properties in the potato help to get rid of dark circles. Let the juice stay for 10-12 minutes and then rise with cool water.


5) Almond Oil

 Almond oil

Massaging almond oil around the eyes helps to lighten dark circles while moisturizing the sensitive skin around the eyes. It is great for the skin and especially for the area around the eyes.


Taking care of the skin is very important. The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and gentle and thus extra precaution and care has to be taken to treat it.