Couples who workout together, Stay together.

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One cannot enjoy life to the fullest if one is not healthy. One of the biggest challenge that everyone faces is to stay motivated and continue with a diet and exercise regime. The best way is to find yourself a workout buddy, and an added advantage is when a couple decides to workout together as a team. Below are 4 couples who motivate each other and now live a healthier happy life.


1)  Lauren and Justin Shelton

Lauren and Justin Shelton

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A medical emergency scared Lauren and Justin and that is when they adapted to a healthier lifestyle. They both lost a combined 538 pounds which is approximately 244 kilos.


2) Matt and Brandy

Matt and Brandy Before after

Matt and brandy Before and After Shot

Matt and Brandy both were extremely over weight. When they decided to get married, they both wanted their wedding pictures to be perfect. And for that to happen they knew they both had to get in their best shape possible. With diet and exercise together  they  lost a combined 133 pounds which is approximately 61 kilos.


3) Shahid and Mira Kapur

Shahid and Mira

Shahid and Mira kapur were recently spotted exiting from a gym together.

These newlyweds have the perfect way to spend time together. Both Shahid and Mira are extremely fitness conscious and thus are the perfect example of a couple that works out together stays together. They motivate each other and will always be at the peak of being fit.


4) Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan


Saif Ali Khan and Kareena

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena doing yoga with their trainer

Saif & Kareena are the superstars of Bollywood. Their lifestyle Is hectic and commitments are innumerable. Yet they take time out to workout together. Whether it is Yoga in outdoors or basic exercises indoors. They make it a point to workout together and stay fit. Thus couples should never make excuses that their lifestyle is busy and that they cannot workout together. Do your best to stay healthy and continue motivating each other.


Staying fit is a way of life. Be the cheerleader for your partner and see the difference in your life.  It is never to late to start.