Bollywood actresses and their Wedding Chooras

by | Sep 26, 2015 | Bridal, Jewellery |

A Choora is a set of bangles that are usually red and white, sometimes the red bangles are replaced with another color, but they are usually only two colors. Traditionally it was made of ivory, with inlay work, though now its made with plastic. They are worn by an Indian bride on her wedding day. This is a tradition originating in Punjab, North India and is worn by all Sikh brides. Nowadays brides from other religions and cultures love to flaunt the choora due to fashion and style. The choora is worn by the bride for 40 days from the day she puts it on and on the 40th day only her husband can remove it for her. She can wear other choora after that also as many girls like to wear it for a year.

The choora is flaunted by many of our B-town actresses, have a look at the top 5 –


1) Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee Choora 

Even though Rani Mukherjee is Bengali but she married Aditya Chopra who is a Punjabi. Thus, Rani was seen flaunting the traditional choora of red and white bangles. Her choora had more of white bangles giving it a very Benali look to it.


2) Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput 

Even though Mira is not a Bollywood actress but she is definitely a trend setter. She opted for a pink choora set to match her wedding lehenga. It was very subtle and elegant.


3) Eesha Deol

Easha Deol Choora 

Eesha Deol’s wedding look was an excellent blend of North and South. Her jewellery and outfit gave a very traditional South Indian look while her choora was purely North Indian.


4) Dia Mirza

 Dia Mirza wedding

Dia Mirza is half Muslim while she got married to a Sikh. Her wedding outfit and jewellery has a very Mughal look to it while her choora is a traditional Sikh Choora. She seems to be very simplistic, thus she only wore a small set of the choora bangles instead of the full set.


5) Aamna Sharif

 Aamna Sharif Choora

The very beautiful Aamna Sharif married her long time Punjabi boyfriend Amit Kapoor in a traditional wedding ceremony at a Gurudwara in Mumbai. She opted for a beautiful maroon and white traditional choora with a lot of diamond bangles design.


A Bride To Be can definitely take wedding choora style inspirations from all the above B- town divas.