6 wedding proposal ideas

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Wedding is a beautiful bond that ties not just two hearts, but souls together in eternity and finding a soul’s innate desire to connect and get freedom to love someone more than yourself for a lifetime is truly a blessing in disguise. So, if you have gotten lucky enough to find your better half, the one whose shoulder bears an exceptional light and warmth that only you can admire, whose fragrance gives you déjà vu with goose bumps, then waste no time and start gathering up courage and hold up your nerve to ask the big question in a way your dear one couldn’t have imagined. Here we help you become a hopeless romantic and give the most special moment of your life, a beautiful crafting.

Let’s relive the past to make a better future

Take her where you met her first. Repeat how you met her, but this time end it with a proposal. Image Source: www.sharanart.com

Take her where you met her first. Repeat how you met her, but this time end it with a proposal. Image Source: www.sharanart.com

Look into your past memories and select the most beautiful and romantic place you have ever been on a date with your love. Have the place set up with roses, candles, champagne and make it the best surprise proposal ever imagined.

Music speaks to us, all we have to do is listen


Make it adventurous as well as fun

If you are too nervous to propose her looking into her eyes; make your proposal an adventure. Just as Ryan decided to take his girlfriend Carlie on an airplane and pretend that the plane malfunctioned and then what followed was a moment that both of them won’t ever forget.


Let the family and friends help

Throw a big bash on some special occasion like her birthday and invite over all friends and family. Ask them to send her to the terrace unexpectedly where you could find you with a bigger surprise of her life. You could take inspiration from what Tyne Owen did for Jamie. Check it out:


Make your holiday destination her favourite place

Plan a romantic destination getaway and escape into a whole new world where you can select a favourite location like some beach, fountain or some monument where you can say the perfect words and make things more beautiful than ever. Like this guy who took his girlfriend Alesha to the world’s largest cave in Hang Son Doong, Vietnam just to propose her.


Food can make you go insane

Is your fiancé a food lover? The best way to surprise her is to make her a basket of deliciously yummy treats like dark chocolate, puddings and hide the ring among the presents. A delight and unexpected surprise!

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