5 Wedding theme Ideas that can be used by couples from any background.

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Bridal, Decor, Groom |

Planning a wedding is a personal affair. The brides and grooms of today’s generation do not want the elders to manage every detail of their wedding. Instead, they want their own personalities and personal styles  to reflect in their wedding theme. Whether it is a serene Sikh Anand Karaj, or a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony, a beautiful Church wedding or a Nikkah here are some beautiful, elegant, fun wedding themes to give our readers an idea to help them decide a theme for their own wedding.


The Traditional theme

Image Source: Gaciel Santana Photography and T'zires

Image Source: Gaciel Santana Photography and T’zires

Not every one likes to be different on their D- Day. Some brides and grooms are very traditional at heart. For the simpletons, the traditional wedding themes includes beautiful flowers like jasmine and marigolds. With beautiful traditional fabrics all around like bandhani or phulkari. The color scheme is usually yellow, gold with a hint of pink, red and green.


Diamonds and roses

Rose wedding theme

This theme is the epitome of sophistication. It is most suited for an evening or a night wedding. Beautiful chandeliers with yellow or gold light in them will make the decor sparkle like diamonds. A variety of gorgeous roses in the shade of white, pink, yellow can be used as decoration. This theme will definitely make everyone go Wow !


The Enchanted Forest

Enchanted forest wedding theme

Picture yourself in a beautiful magical forest with trees all around decorated with the prettiest lanterns on every branch.  A special pathway made for the gorgeous couple to make an entrance, while the guests adore you. Every table can have a small bouquet of unique wild flowers along with a traditional candle on them. For those couples who want to begin their magical journey, should definitely opt for this theme to enchant everyone.



The Blue Aqua

Aqua Blue Wedding theme

A fresh, gorgeous, mystic wedding theme is what this is all about. If the bride and groom are looking for freshness and a lot of brightness, then this is where their search should end. The nature has blessed us with beautiful flowers, and for this theme flowers like Sweetpea, Veronica, Morning glory, Lupine, Flax etc can be used to decorate the entire venue.  The tent or the walls should be in a light shade so that the flowers can make the decor pop. Every table can have a small decoration of its own like an aquatic bowl adorned with beautiful colored stones in it and flowers to go along.



A Starry Night to Remember

Starry Night wedding theme

A beautiful theme where one looks at the ceiling and feels that they are staring at a zillion stars. This can be accomplished by having gorgeous white and blue small lights all over the ceiling and around the decor of the venue. Whether the wedding is in a tent or at a party hall, this theme can be carried out anywhere. To compliment the beautiful feel of the stars, the lighting should be dim and flowers like white roses should be used.



A wedding is a beautiful event and when the couple plans it together along with their family members, then it becomes even more beautiful. There are a number of themes, but the couple should only choose the one that they both fall in love with.