5 lipstick shades every Bride To-Be needs in her Vanity Box.

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Bridal, Makeup |

The lipstick look is forever to stay. Whether it is a day event or a night one, the lipstick completely transforms the look and gives the much needed edge that every girl desires. Here are 5 lipstick shades that are a must have for every girl, whether meeting the inlaws or going for a date with the fiancé . As someone has rightly said ” Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world !”


1) The Classic Red

Classic red lipstick shade

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This is one shade that can be worn with a simple white tee and jeans for a nice casual summer look and then can completely transform into a stunning night look with a simple black dress. The Classic red has been part of the fashion beauty world since the very beginning and it will definitely stay for many many years to come. Indian or a western look, simple or bridal, this lipstick shade will compliment any outfit and look.


2) Fuschia Pink

Hot pink lipstick

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There is a common misconception that only fair girls can carry off a bright Fuschia pink lip shade. This is one shade that looks absolutely gorgeous on all skin tones. But the most important key for this look is to contrast. It is very important to wear this shade in contrast with your outfit. NEVER EVER match a Fuschia pink lipstick shade  with the same color outfit.


3) The Nude

Nude Lipstick Shade

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In today’s times a lot of emphasis is given on eye makeup. From the ravishing smokey eyed makeup look to the fierce cat eyes winged eye liner look. When it comes to drama on the eyes, it is essential to keep the lips simple. For this , a nude lip color is the way to go. It looks stunning for a day or a night look . It is a style statement and every girl should flaunt a nude lip.


4) The Purple Fashionista

Purple Lipstick Shade

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When the color purple is mentioned for the lips, it may come as a shocker for few. But that is not the case as there is not just one purple shade but many variations to choose from.  From the luscious grape purple to the deep wine purple  to the Violet and the Berry. There are abundant options out there and all you got to do is go for the shade that compliments the skin tone.


5) Orange is the New Red

Orange Lipstick

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If there is one color that will make a fashion statement and at the same time make your skin glow , then it is definitely the orange. This color has been taking the entire beauty world by storm. It is fun, sexy, playful, vibrant and much more. Again, it is not necessary to go completely into the fierce orange mode but there are options like the subtle rust orange, or the red orange or even a light peachy coral orange.


The good news for every girl out there who is on a budget is that you do not have to only opt for the expensive lipsticks .There are too many amazing brands in the market that have shades which are just like the expensive ones but at half the price. All you have to do is go out there and swatch some colors and choose your pick.