12 Fun Things Every Girl Should Do Before Getting Married

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Although it gets really exciting when you day dream about the idea of getting married, but red alert girls! Isn’t there any bucket list of things you have always wanted to do before you consider yourself ready to tie the knot? If there isn’t, you better give a look to these fun things you could do before you rush in the responsibilities zone. Because, once married there would be no looking back to these:

Travel alone

Travel Alone

Travel to places that you want to and not what the group wants. Image Source: Moyan Brenn

Do you have any little place in your heart that you wish to visit but have thought, “Alas! No one available to accompany”. It’s high time hovering on such stuff. Pack your bags now and enjoy the luxury of travelling alone and doing things your own pace.

Follow your heart

Follow your heart

Follow your heart ! You never know where it might lead you.

It is high time you take out time out of your busy schedule and think if you are ever going to follow little passions you always dreamt of like learning to play guitar or dancing. Yes, it’s time to follow your heart.

Face your fears

Para Gliding

Face your fears !

Be that sky-diving or deep-sea diving or bungee jumping, you got to experience all before you get married. Have this one time life experience and trust me you will not regret doing it.

Go on a road trip

long peaceful drive

Take a road trip

How exciting would it be to get all your college buddies together and plan an adventurous road trip where you can party all you want. It would be like visiting a fairyland!

Try online dating

Online DatingTo try something crazy always brings new anticipation in life and dating online could be one of them. Moreover, you never know you might get lucky and find the man of your dreams.

Try making new hobbies


Why not pursue that life long dream of being able to play guitar

One never knows what stuff you begin to like at what age. So keep trying new things and make it a part of your life as they bring a new sense of satisfaction to your life.

Get fit

Get FitMake it your early morning routine to do your set of exercises before you start your day. This habit will refresh you of all the anxieties and also help you remain in good shape.

Live alone

Live alone away from the cocoon of your family

Live alone away from the cocoon of your family

There is nothing better than living independently on your own expenses and doing things the way you like. Get this experience before you tie the knot.

Flirt with random guys

Flirt for one last time

Have one last fling

Well, since you are going to get indulged into some lifelong commitment, why not for now you give way to some meaningless flirting. This will make you feel happy about yourself for no good reason. Life at its best.

Follow crazy fashions

Crazy hair

Give yourself a crazy makeover

Have you ever wanted to get your hair coloured red, pink or blue? Well, no one is going to let you try these funky looks, so better follow all crazy fashions of getting hair dyed or inked before you get fixed.

Beach camping

camping on the beach

An amazing way to enjoy the beach

This you got to experience once in lifetime. To be with someone special, laying on the cool sands with little fire lit beside and you staring at those stars with love and dreams in your eyes. You will want time to stop forever and feel serendipities all over the place.

Ride alone

Ride alone

Ride alone

On a long road with your favourite romantic music and wind playing with your hair, you go on this beautiful ride alone and enjoy understanding yourself and nature a bit more.

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