Six Basic Wedding Etiquettes for guests at a wedding

by | Jul 11, 2015 | Bridal, Groom

A wedding is a beautiful union of two life partners and it requires months and months of planning and hard work. All of us agree and have witnessed experiences where some guests are always a nuisance at the wedding.  Follow these steps so that you never fall into the “nuisance guest” category.

1) Party, Fun, Dance, Alcohol- YES but being Drunk and Misbehaving with other guests a BIG NO !

Drunk Smiley

Never get too drunk to lose control of yourself and end up making a fool of yourself

In today’s times, no party is complete without the DJ and the music beats while the guests have a good time with their drinks and enjoy themselves. But if you cannot handle the alcohol and start behaving crazy, spilling drinks on everyone and misbehaving with other guests and have drunken brawls, that is a big NO. You will not only be asked to leave the party but will ruin your reputation in front of hundreds of people.

2) Do not misuse the ROOM SERVICE-

Room Service

Don’t misuse Room Service

Unlike the western weddings where guests pay for their rooms, in India it is the bride and the groom’s family that take care of all the accommodation expenses for their guests. One should have the basic manners that if room service is required, then please pay it from your own pocket. Your hosts have already organised wedding functions where food and beverages are available. Do not burden them with additional expenses from your room service needs.

3)  Mothers with infants, out of courtesy please pay yourself for your maids expenses.

children at weddings

Image Source: Maharani Weddings

It is very common nowadays where mothers prefer to bring along their maids to weddings so that they can enjoy while the maid looks after the children. At destination weddings, please pay for your maid’s accommodation and food yourself, as the hosts have only invited you and not your entourage. The same goes for local weddings, the per plate rate is extremely expensive and if all the families started bringing their staff along, then this would leave a huge hole in the pocket of the host.

4) Do not crib or pass negative comments about the wedding function-

Leave the gossiping till you reach your homes

Leave the gossiping till you reach your homes

It is extremely common that guests especially at Indian weddings always have something to say and are never satisfied. If there are 10 types of cuisines in the buffet they will still crib that it isn’t enough or the decoration isn’t fancy enough or the wedding arrangements aren’t good enough. Every guest should remember that they have been invited to share the joys and be part of the beautiful wedding. Rather than cribbing one should enjoy every moment.

5) Let the DJ do his job

Dj at a wedding

Let the music play – And don’t make nonstop requests to the DJ to play your songs Image Source: Le Beau Weddings

A DJ knows his job well and will play a mix of songs. It is completely cool to request him to play your favorite song. But request him once, do not ask him to play it every few minutes. All the other guests will hate you for it.

6) The wedding photographer has been paid to click pictures of the family members

Wedding photographer

Image Source: Faulkner Winery Wedding Photography

It is the age of candid photography, where the bride, groom and only the close relatives are clicked. Do not be that guest, who chases the photographer asking him to click your every pose just so that you can have a new Facebook Display Picture. Chances are you will never even get that picture, so why even bother.

Though the guests may not realize it but it does put unnecessary stress and tension on the host. Therefore, avoid these mistakes in order not to get banned from future invitations or worse – getting kicked out of the wedding.